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Specialized in digital printing and heat transfer/sublimation printing, Transfertech Thailand and Transtech Vietnam

have ever since their foundation been leaders in the sublimation printing industry worldwide. Transfertech

and Transtech also provide you with the world´s best rotogravure technology given that all rotogravure is

produced at our parent company, Transfertex, in Germany. Transfertech and Transtech use hi-tech and state

of the art machinery during every phase of sampling and production which permits us to guarantee

supreme and first class quality in sublimation printing every time.

World Class Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is different from conventional printing processes.

It consists essentially in a two step process:

  1. Special paper is printed with hi quality sublimation dyes;

  2. High temperature and pressure are applied to the paper and fabric while simultaneously going through a calendar, and the image that is on the paper is dyed into the fabric.

Before being transferred, the printed image on paper looks very different from the final printed product. The dyes visually explode with color when transferred, as they thereby become part of the fabric.


- Over 40 years of experience in the market

- Fast sampling 

- Digital printing

- Rotogravure printing

- Transfer/sublimation printing

- Ready to use on-line print collections with   regular updates

- State of the art machinery

- Worldwide connections with fabric mills

- Right first time policy 

- 0.1% defect rate


Digital printing is the future. The future is now!

At Transfertech Thailand and Transtech Vietnam

we believe and follow one philosophy. That philosophy is:

"Right First Time" (RFT)

There is no space for mistakes. Mistakes mean time, time means money. We are focused on results and efficiency! 

We have partnered with the world´s best in terms of rotogravure technology and at the same time with some of the best fabric mills arounds Asia.

A set-up like this will guarantee you design input creativity in terms of prints & graphics, offer you fabric sourcing and a final product of the highest level of quality and excellence.

Consult us

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any question you may have. We are 100% ready to help you in any way possible. 

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