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Transfertech Thailand and Transtech Vietnam work in  a variety of different product categories.

- Sports Wear / Team Sports, Active Wear, Fashion, Home and Footwear -

Performance and high quality are in our DNA. As entrepreneurs in the sublimation printing world, we create superior products and end-to-end solutions for our customers.

With a global network of sales and the right people on the ground in key production markets like Thailand and Vietnam, our experts bring together an extensive network of design, fabric sourcing and sublimation printing.


From the decades of experience gained by working closely with the world´s top leading sports brands and many of the world´s best sports teams we have established a service that has no comparison in the market of printing. We can proudly affirm that we are number 1º at offering supreme quality and exceptional expertise. Our know-how and method supplies and guaranties our brands with on time delivery (OTM), right first time execution (RFT), graphic and colours management assurance and layout reliability. Our trustability has elevated us to become the market leader in digital, rotary and sublimation/transfer printing. 


"Your love makes me strong.

Your hate makes me unstoppable."

Cristiano Ronaldo


As activewear becomes a more fashionable product and more popular with consumers around the globe, sales have and will continue to increase. Today activewear is not only a garment used for exercise or sports but also as a fashion statement/element.
As does sportswear, activewear design must consider the thermal insulation needs of the wearer. In hot situations, sportswear should allow the wearer to stay cool, while in cold situations sportswear should help the wearer to stay warm. We use only the best fabrics available that we source from close relationships we have build over the years with top mills.



Transfertech & Transtech have the capacity to provide the largest exclusive fashion print collections to satisfy the local and global fashion industry. The themes  we have available are vast and updated on a weekly basis by our team of fashion and graphic design experts. Fast selection from new trends and designs offered on an online platform create a competitive advantage for our customers and their brands. You can print any graphic work/design instantly using digital print.
We are the first in the world with technical alignment that allows you/us to print and match the exact colours of a sample from any point in the world with the colours if your production in Thailand and Vietnam.



Transfertech & Transtech offer you the latest trend designs and the best colour harmony with our home and interiors textile collections. Our high standard in manufacturing guarantees an excellent preservation and durability of the colour, even after many washes and years of use. As in the Fashion Collection, you will have a boundless variety of updated and trendy AOP designs. Speed-to-market is one of our main strengths and our services are used by world leading home decor brands.

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