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We care about planet earth. We respect planetary boundaries and take responsibility for how our company affects the world and environment around us.

That is why we work to make our business sustainable in every phase.

       - Waste management

       - Recycling

       - Energy efficiency/reduction

       - No use of water

       - Close to 0% emissions 

       - Dust free

       - Environmentally friendly 

bluesign system partner

Thanks to the environmentally-friendly production and the sustainable printing process onto textiles, Transfertex has been a bluesign system partner since 2015.

Certified acc. to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Transfertex provides its masterpieces on transfer printing paper. For production we only use environmentally-friendly dyestuffs. Due to the use of solvents instead of water significantly less energy is spent. Environmentally-friendly quality made in Germany.

As a BlueSign System Patner, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As a pioneer in transfer printing, we are aware that we can make valuabke contributions to a sustained protection of the environment.

Our manufacturing processes are optimised for minimal energy consumption and our production does not pollute water or air. 

We employ environmentally friendly inks, and all wastage is 100% recycled.

We believe transfer printing to be the world´s most environmentally friendly printing process.

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