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Industrial design sampling in real time: where and whenever you like

Transfertex offers a truly global digital service that enables our customers an efficient and fast sampling of printed fabrics and color matching of salesmen samples at many places in the world within just a few hours.

First in the World to offer a massive on-line print collection to choose from, instant printed fabric sample in showroom environment, digital production and rotogravure production in identical colour and design execution as sample.

(match your sample printed in Europe with your production executed in Asia without the back and forth of time consuming

courier exchange for sample approval). We give a new meaning to Speed-to-Market!

And this is how it works:

With the help of international network of partners (Transfertech and Transtech), Transfertex provides the requested design samples on digitally printed transfer printing paper within very short term - no matter if in Europe, America or Asia. This means, for instance that you can produce small samples in Europe and salesmen samples in Asia at the same time. Subsequently, bulk productions can be made in Thailand or Vietnam with same colour consistency. . Thanks to this scalable cloud solution of our network you are able to speed up your design selection, sampling and production process.

A collaboration between Transfertech Thailand / Transtech Vietnam and Transfertex Germany allows us to have a global network of services and design advantage that will serve your every need in terms of printed fabric and design output.

From sales points located all over the world to productions sites in Thailand, Vietnam and Germany, we can offer you and your company new, cutting-edge trendy print designs and state of the art printing technology along side with service and speed to market that others in the market are unable to match.

We are your one-stop service for innovation, creativity and quality either for:

Sportswear, Fashion, Activewear, Home, Footwear!

Founded in 1970, Transfertex is  a pioneer in heat transfer printing and one of the few companies worldwide owning the complete state of the art technology for printing paper production.


Based in Kleinostheim, Germany, Transfertex connects to design trends with its creative network serving more than 60 countries with production in Thailand and Vietnam.

This means a quick reaction to new design, colour trends and sampling.

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