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Creating the colours of the future

Sublimation printing is more useful for some printing situations than others. When applied correctly, these prints produce high-quality, colourful photo-realistic images, which makes it useful for digital and rotogravure photography prints.

Why us

Sublimation printing works well for adding or customizing prints on synthetic fabrics. Because sublimation prints are durable, they work well when the printed object is exposed to the elements. These prints are a better long-term solution than using direct-thermal printing, which are known to wear out.

The 40 years experience of rotogravure printing and state of the art engraving machinery of Transfertex, added to the 20 years of printing experience along side the advanced digital printing and sublimation machinery, make it obvious why today we are leaders in the Sports, Fashion and Home printing industries. 


> "Right First Time" service and speedy delivery culture

> Colour consistency and quality from approved sample to multiple repeat orders

> 8000 yards of digitally capacity per day

> 1.1 million yards of transferred fabric capacity per month

> 1st in the world to offer a global colour alignment to serve you better and faster with on-line collection platform. (match your sample printed in Europe with your production printed in Asia without back and fourth, time consuming, couriers)  

> State of the art technology from design creation to delivery of final products

> Speed to market

> Efficiency control in every part of the process 

> Production sites in Thailand, Vietnam and Germany

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