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> Transfertech Thailand (TFT) and Transtech Vietnam (TTV) have joined forces with Transfertex Germany, fortifying themselves as a creative and competitive source of inspiration as well as a Regional Hub in marketing, design outputs, speed developments (1st in the world to offer a global colour alignment for ultra fast sampling), and speed to market productions. Together we provide a brilliant and unique service that will offer you solutions in the Sports, Activewear, Fashion, Home, and Footwear Industry. 

Technology today: Since TFT and TTV use in-house hi-tech digital printing machinery every design can be instantly printed on transfer paper and immediately sublimated/transferred onto fabric. The fact that there are no rollers or screens to be made save you a tremendous amount of time while at the same time offering you no limits to design creativity of MOQ´s.

This is real speed-to-market. 

On the other hand, rotogravure printing, although not as flexible, offers you better prices once you go over 5.000 meters due to the fact that when going for this kind of printing you will have initial costs with screen/roller developments.

Transtech Vietnam begun its operation in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam in May 2017. As a sister company to Transfertech it has been created to feed the demand for high quality standards of sublimation printed fabrics in Vietnam and the region while exporting all over the world.

To conclude, the 40+ years of experience and innovation in rotogravure technology of Transfertex with the additional 20+ years of digital and sublimation printing experience and expertise of Transfertech Thailand and Transtech Vietnam with world known brands in the Sports, Activewear, Home & Fashion Industries make it obvious why we are your printer of choice.

Specialised in digital printing and heat transfer/sublimation printing, Transfertech has been since its beginning in 1996, a leading company in the printing industry worldwide. As of May 2017, the sister company called Transtech has open in Saigon, (HCMC) Vietnam offering you the same quality focused service and know-how.

We utilise state of the the art digital printing and sublimation machinery which will guarantee you supreme first-class quality in every yard and every colour we print and transfer. A key factor is that we only use imported transfer paper from first grade paper suppliers. This high-quality paper alongside with premium inks, will give you colours no one else in the market can achieve. 

Transfertech and Transtech provide you with the world´s best in rotogravure printing due to the fact that our parent/partner company Transfertex, based in Germany, has been leader in the market for rotogravure printing technology and innovation for over 40 years.

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